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Sitges the beginning

An enchanting place, for a brand full of history …

Sitges is the hometown of Don Facundo Bacardí, a tireless fighter and founder of
one of the most prestigious rum companies around the world. This is the
reason behind Casa Bacardi being in the heart of this small
coastal town, which is the perfect place to discover this
brand´s amazing history.
Would you like to come on this trip?

Heritage Hall

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the Bacardi´s bat logo?
Are you familiar with the legend behind the coconut palm that has
become the symbol of the company´s perseverance?

Discover Bacardí´s history. An
amazing travel trough time.

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Rum-making Hall

Discover Bacardí´s secrets by replicating the same process that Don Facundo
used to achieve a smooth and balanced rum: press the sugar,
discover the molasses, see with your own eyes how
the rum ages in American oak barrels…

Test your senses and discover the unique
taste of our rum.

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Bacardí Lounge Bar

Do you feel like a cocktail?
Learn how to prepare your own Bacardí Mojito and Cuba Libre
cocktails with the help of our professional barmen.

And enjoy them while chilling out
at our Lounge Bar!

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The Terraza

You can also enjoy your cocktail at a very
exclusive place:

the Casa Bacardí Terrazza.


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Learn how to prepare your own cocktails with our Brand Ambassadors.

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